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Bars & Sheets

Creamy Toffee Banoffee

SQSTB00C28 (12" x 16")

A candied graham cracker crust layered perfectly with sweet dulce de leche, a perfectly baked banana cake layer, kettle cooked toffee pudding, and delicious 35% whipped cream.  

  • No artificial flavours or colours  

Crazy Brownie

SQVB000C28 (12" x 16")

A decadent fudge brownie with a generous drizzle of delicious chocolate ganache topping.  You'll never believe it's plant based and gluten free.


  • Plant based

  • Gluten free

  • No artificial flavours or colours  

Classic Cheese Sheet

SQCHPL0C24 (12” x 16”)

The creamy essence and addictive flavour of our New York style cheesecake, all perfectly set into a versatile sheet format. A no fuss, all flourless gluten-free dessert


  • Gluten free 

  • No artificial flavours or colours  

Comforting Apple Cobbler

SQCRA33C20 (12” x 16”)

Cinnamon baked apples, toasted almonds, natural oats, brown sugar, and real butter make this heated cobbler the most comforting and delicious apple delight!


  • No artificial flavours or colours 

Carrot Caramel Stack

SQCHCC0C24 (12” x 16”)

Layers of original “famous” carrot cake are sandwiched by yummy cream cheese icing and topped with a perfect blend of double caramel.

  • No artificial flavours or colours  

Over-the-Top Flourless Chocolate Truffle

SQTP000C24 (12” x 16”)

The most decadent, most delicious flourless chocolate truffle made with rich caramel and loads of walnuts, all set on an equally decadent flourless chocolate base.


  • Gluten free 

  • No artificial flavours or colours  

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