Decadent Pleasures 

Colossal Carrot Cake

CKCC0000 (10")

Luscious moist cake layers alternate with our purely delicious real butter and cream cheese icing.

          No artificial flavours and colours 

Strawberry Shortcake

CKSS000C14 (10”)

The crowd pleaser, ... the quintessential strawberry shortcake made to perfection with real 35% whipped cream and blasted with real strawberries...loved by adults and children of all generations.

          No artificial flavours and colours 

Red Velvet Cake

CKVEL00C14 (10”)

Moist red velvet cake layers with a hint of raspberry, topped with our perfect blend of much loved cream cheese icing and sprinkled with a flair of lemon zest.

          No artificial flavours and colours 

Key Lime Divine

PIKL110C14 (11”)

The real keylime, no mistake! A perfectly blended all-natural key lime filling refreshingly set in a deep dish graham shell and generously topped with the most delicious real 35% whipped cream.

          No artificial flavours and colours 

Lemon Cream Pie

PILP000C16 (11”)

Lemon curd made from scratch, real 35% whipped cream, and a sprinkle of coconut sit perfectly in a magnificent graham base. A refreshing and lemony gift for all seasons.

          No artificial flavours and colours

Coconut Cluster

PICC000C14 (10")

The ultimate coconut dessert filled with shredded coconut, creamy caramel and topped with crunchy pistachios. Its paradise for your taste buds and Gluten free too!

          Gluten Free

          No artificial flavours or colours 

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