Daboom Desserts began in 1985 from the love and dreams of Dawn. Dawn literally dreamed of dessert recipes and as a young baker, entrepreneur, and creative artist she brought these recipes to life.  Customers loved it! Cafes and restaurants loved the unique home made style and the delicious flavour combinations and, as a result, word of mouth created more and more demand.    


More than thirty years later, with appreciation of our fabulous committed team, Daboom Desserts continues to thrive as a family run business. We are still all about sensational home made style desserts and our customers remain our priority. 


As was the case thirty years ago, we approve only Daboom choice ingredients, we source locally wherever possible, and our team remains our greatest joy. Our dessert creations continue with playful, homemade innovation with a selection of round and square cakes, "component” desserts, gluten free options, and a commitment to eliminating artificial colours and flavours. 


We love creating, we love to serve, and we are grateful each day.


With appreciation and thanks,


The family at Daboom Desserts