Single Servings 

Funky Lemon Curd

SALC0000 (4X1.5KG)

Authentically cooked the old fashion way. This refreshing sweet and tangy recipe is perfect
as a main component or as a finishing touch on any of your dessert applications.
Pairs deliciously with our white chocolate cheese pastry bag.

  • Product packaged in bucket 


     Gluten Free  


     No artificial flavours or colours  

Chocolate Stack with Oreo®

INOR0000 (20 pcs)

A silky dark chocolate base, piled with addictive white mousse and real Oreo® cookie chunks...the perfect dessert for the young at heart.


MLAVA000 (4” x 24)

Perfect for sharing! A heated individual chocolate cake with rich chocolate mirroir..... the perfect blend of chocolate comfort.

          No artificial flavours and colours 

Cookie Dough

BUCDCC00 (9.5KG)

The options are endless: Cookie dough, a cookie ball, a classic chocolate chip cookie, a massive cookie  warmed in a skillet, little cookies to go! This incredibly flexible delicious cookie dough can be prepared and  served in whatever way your imagination will allow.

  • Cookie dough batter packaged in bucket

       No artificial flavours and colours  

Crème Brûlée

SACB0000 (4 x 1.5L)

Perfectly blended REAL 35% cream, REAL eggs, and REAL vanilla... what a treat! No artificial colours or flavours - a timeless classic to be savoured and adored.

  • Crème brûlée batter packaged in bucket 

      Gluten Free

      No artificial flavours or colours  

White Chocolate Cheesecake Pastry Bag

PBCHWH00 (6 x 800G)

Gluten-free and sensationally delicious! Let your imagination run wild...this white chocolate cheesecake is perfectly prepared and delivered to you in a super simple to use pastry bag. Perfect for filling a mason jar, shot glass or a parfait dessert.

  • Product packaged in sealed pasty bag

      Gluten Free 

      No artificial flavours or colours  

Chocolate Ganache Pastry Bag

PBCH0000 ( 6 x 800g)

Create your own gluten free dessert, customize your own serving size and format with our most beautiful, irresistible, addictive chocolate ganache.  

  •   Product packaged in sealed pasty bag

         Plant Based/Vegan


         Gluten Free  

         No artificial flavours or colours  



Salted Caramel Sauce

PBSC0000 (6X800G)

Rich aromas of creamy caramel and dulce de leche come together perfectly for use as a drizzle, dipping sauce, filling, or simply as the finishing touch on a dessert plate. No artificial colours or flavours and absolutely addictive.

  •   Product packaged in sealed pasty bag

      Gluten Free  
      No artificial flavours or colours  

English Cream

SACR0000 (4 x 1.5L)

Perfectly blended 35% cream and vanilla make up our English cream dessert custard. With no artificial colours or flavours this is a regal addition to any dessert as a drizzle, filling or finishing touch.

  •   Packaged in bucket   

      Gluten Free      

      No artificial flavours or colours  

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